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Jul 4, 2010 6:00pm EDT
president joe biden and his wife jill are spending the july 4th holiday with u.s. troops in iraq. they presided over citizenship ceremony in bagdad this morning. more than 200 service members were sworn in by vice president biden. and they met with the two iraqi leaders vying to become the nation's next prime minister. >>> the u.s. troops in afghanistan have a new commander. petraeus has taken the stand. >> reporter: general david petraeus assumes the top commander in the war in afghanistan. as a ceremony in kabul, petraeus said they must work together to defeat a stiff enemy. >> we must demonstrate to the people and to the taliban that afghan and our forces are here to safeguard the afghan people. and that we are in this to win, that is our clear objective. >> reporter: he will not make major strategy changes and praised his predecessor, general stanley mcchrystal, who was fired after making unflattering comments about the obama administration in a rolling stones magazine. >> no one did more than helping get the inputs right than general mcchrystal. >> reporter: many continue to
Jul 25, 2010 6:00pm EDT
into a gun battle, killing one and capturing the other. the u.s. military is still searching for both but afghan leaders say the taliban has offered to exchange the body for imprisoned insurgents. they are trying to figure out an exchange. >>> and a bomb attack in bagdad has left one dead and three others hurt. a car bombing happens daily in bagdad and drive-by shootings and kidnappings are common. u.s. forces are scheduled to end forces in iraq on august 31. >>> there is more news ahead, including the latest on a deadly stampede. find out who is being blamed for a festival that went wrong, leaving hundreds of people hurt. >>> a rare trip for fidel castro. could this mean something about the former leader of cuba and what he has planned for his future? >>> and he is a rapper but could he be a coach. snoop dog with a whole different role coming up after the break.  >>> take a look at how things looked as the storm rolling into kinsington. within seconds the rain was pounding down. gwen has the full forecast in a few minutes. >>> the blame over a deadly stampede is
Jul 18, 2010 6:00pm EDT
to somali parents seen her holding his u.s. passport. >> he was interrogated multi -- multiple times and was cleared many times but yet he remains in egypt due to this no-fly list. >> reporter: ia youia said he was studying there. many are upset he was detained in egypt for two months on his way back. >> we believe that barring american citizens from reentering their country is a violation of their rights and due process. >> reporter: wehelie was living in a cheap hotel and eating fast food with coupons provided by the embassy. his brother was allowed to leave. one expert we spoke to said his case was terribly mishandled. >> i don't think this was handled very right at all and i think it was a violation of his rights. >> reporter: there are questions about what he was doing in yemen, however -- >> it was easy to hold him there so he wouldn't have his rights in the united states. that's wrong. >> reporter: and there was a lawsuit filed about the no-fly list. >> we should have a no-comply list. ted kennedy was on the no-fly list at one point. surely they can get that right. >> reporter
Jul 11, 2010 6:00pm EDT
along the u.s.-mexico border and more drones and surveillance raft an has gone after employers of illegal workers more aggressively. but republican senator john kyl of arizona says it's still not en>> nobody would deny that the is a federal government effort going on here, but it's not enough because you still have about a half of a million illet border every near. >> reporter: senator kyl says the federal government has failed to control the border and what arizona's law is lend the state's law enforcement support to the effort. in washington, fox news. >>> arizona's total prison budget is $900 million a year and state officials say il about 15% of their prison population. >>loving it. is that really possible to lose your job and find happiness? it is for these women. doing that's got them glad that th got laid off. fort deidrich? cancer cluster what's going on that has there is some good news tonight in the gulf. stay where you are. we're rht  > the gushing oil well in the gulf is uncontrolled now after installed broke. bp says the new cap will be a bet
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4